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Indian at glance II

Time Zone —————————– GMT + 05:30


Life Expectancy Rate


Male —————————– 65.8 years


Female —————————– 68.1 years


Ethnic Groups —————————– Australoid, Mongoloid, Europoid, Caucasian, and Negroid


National Days —————————– 26th January (Republic Day), 15th August (Independence Day), 2nd October (Gandhi Jayanti; Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday)


National Bird —————————– Indian peacock


National Flower —————————– Lotus


National Tree —————————– Banyan Tree


National River —————————– The Ganga


National Aquatic Animal —————————– River Dolphin


National Heritage Animal —————————– Elephant


National Animal —————————– Tiger


National Fruit —————————– Mango

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